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1944in Athen geboren, lebt und arbeitet in New York
1966B.A. University of Geneva, Schweiz
Fulbright Grant
1967M.S. Comparative Journalism, Columbia University, NY
Dokumentarfilmproduktion mit Fred W.Friendly
Praxissemester beim Look Magazine mit Arthur Rothstein
Praxissemester bei WGBH-TV Boston, Ma.
Catharwood Foundation Grant
Helen Lee Lasen Fellowship, Columbia University
1972B.A. Fotografie, Polytechnic of Central London
1974Keramik, Earthworks Pottery, New York
1984-86Malerei & Skulptur, Brenda Goodman Studio, NY
1993Electronic Imaging, New School Computer Center
1995New York Studio School of Painting Drawing & Sculpture
1999Foundation for Hellenic Culture Individual Artist Grant

Solo Exhibitions

20202020 COVID Days / Artist Website
2017PRESENTATION OF ARTIST’S WORK ON TELEVISION: One hour documentary presentation by Katerina Zaharopoulou
2014"The town crier" / Open Art Exhibition, Françoise Heitsch, München
"The cursed serpent" / Benaki Museum, Athen
2002"Venice" / Videoinstallation Art Resources Transfer Gallery, NY
2001"Virtual Landscape" / Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athen
2000"Quasi Periodic Space" (Serie) / Art Resources Transfer, NY
"Quasi Periodic Space" (Serie) / Foundation for Hellenic Culture, NY
1996"Fragments" / Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athen
"Afghanistan 1972" / Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athen
1991"Space Odyssey" (Serie) / Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athen
"Universal Salvage" / Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athen
1986"Journey through Ellis Island" (Serie) / Institute for Contemporary Art, PS1 Museum, NY
1985"Journey through Ellis Island" (Serie) / Zoumboulakis Galerie, Kolonaki, Athen
"Nudes 1984" / Zoumboulakis Galerie, Kolonaki, Athen
1982"Nude Landscapes" / Zoumboulakis Galleries, Kriezotou, Athen
"NY Graffiti" (Serie) / Zoumboulakis Galleries, Kriezotou, Athen

Group Exhibitions

2019Am I that image? / Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje
LIVE@ArtAthina / Curated by Sozita Goudouna / Performance "SeaMonster Monk"
"Blind Date" / Curated by A. Volanakis, Museum of Contemporary Art, Rethymno
"Inside-out and Beyond" / Greek Consulate, New York.
"Quest for the Holy Grail" / Project Gallery, Athens.
"Welcome" / Project Gallery, Athens.
2018Art Athina International @ Francoise Heitsch Gallery Munich
"Symptom Projects 9" / Curated by N. Papadopouos. Amphissa, Gr.
"In Loco Parentis." / Romantso, Athens
"IMAGO MUNDI" / Curatated by Beral Madra / Benetton Collection.
"DIASPORA" / Shiva Gallery, John Jay College, NYC
"PAPER MOON" / Museum of Contemporary Art Crete, Greece
2017"EMST Recent Acquisitions." National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athen
"THE ARTIST/ KNIGHT" / Curated by Joanna DeVos / Gaasbeek Castle, Belgium. 2017
"CANAKKALE WALK 2017 HOMELAND"/ Curated by Christian Oxenius / Villa Schlikker, Kunsthalle / Osnabrück
"ex-pats" / Curated by Apostolis Artinos / Museum Alex Mylona, Athen
2016EMST Urgent Conversations Athens / Antwerp National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens
"WELCOME" / Museum of Contemporary Art Olivepress, Chania, Griechenland
2013SYNTHESIS/ Françoise Heitsch, München
CAMP Athens: When Art becomes the Solution / Kuratorin Ch. Petrinou, Athen
The Symptom Projects/ Kurator Apostolis Artinos, Amphissa, Griechenland
2011Thessaloniki Biennial: Roaming Images
2009Summer Accrochage / Kouros Gallery NY, NY
2007Biennale of Thessaloniki: Eterotopies / öffentliche Projektion von "Venice"
In Situations: Municipal Art Gallery "Brainstorming" / Kalamata
The Macedonian Museum of Art Collection at the Benaki Museum, Athen
Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art "Memories" / Thessaloniki
The American College in Greece Art Collection Portrait Exhibition, Athen
2006KMST National Museum of Cont. Art Thessaloniki: Masquerades
Homage to Pineloppi Delta/ Athens College
2004"Ekecheiria" / Schropf Gallerey of Art, Chicago
"Art/Science" / University of Richmond (Virginia) Museums
"Art/Science" / Rutgers Camden Center for the Arts, Camden (NJ)
2003"Art/Science" / Rutgers Camden Center for the Arts, Camden (NJ)
2002"The Olympic Spirit" / Athens Municipal Gallery, Athen
2001"Art and Mathematics" / Berkshire Community College, Pittsfield (MA)
2000"Modern Odysseys: Greek American Artists of the 20th Century" / Moni Lazariston Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki
"Art and Mathematics" / The Cooper Union, NY
"In Tandem" / Eleni Mylonas & Ertugul Ates, Marmara Gallery, NY
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